Friday, 6 December 2013

The Self Immolators (2013) - Day Blakely Donaldson

This book contains the biographies of all known self immolators since Thich Quang Duc in 1963 as well as their last statements, testaments, words, plus some other relevant material, in chronological order.  (There are many more than you can find simply on Wikipedia or basic searches, and there are several translations in the book that are not available elsewhere.)  There is a print version, which is available by messaging me.  This is the pdf. version, free.

Here is my Google Drive link.  To save, just go to this link then click file; download:

Remember to post some comments, whatever they are, thoughts, opinions, other information, about the subject, about history, about whatever it brings to mind.   dbd


  1. Interesting heritage.
    Myself, not feeling good, considering suicide since a longer time now, I also think of burning myself. If I do so, I will send you my personal statment. I am from Western Europe.

  2. Please consider the fact that self immolation is not necessary to achieve the goals it aims at. In some countries, such as Tibet, total media censorship and oppression has led to Tibetans seeking ANY kind of exposure to their situation, even self-immolation, which they believe is wrong usually (and perhaps always).

    In most countries there are other ways to achieve promotion of an idea or cause--without harm to self or others.