Friday, 24 September 1976

Cllifford Elsey Report, Sept. 24 1946

After WWII, agreements with the US that the Soviets ignored spurred Truman to have an article prepared detailing the violations.  Truman was concerned that America would have to react to the Soviets actions in ways unpalatable to America, and wanted to be able to educate the public on the reasons.  Sept 26 the report was given to the President only, as he considered it extremely liable to outrage if it were let out.

The Clifford-Elsey report took the breifing Kennan had provided in the "Long Telegram" (Feb. 22 1946) and applied it to questions of US policy.  The "X Article" (pub. Jan. 1947) used both pieces to construct an outline of conduct for the US regarding the Soviet threat.

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